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Dear Students,

Congratulations on your enrollment at the University of Samsun. This guide helps you to reach SAMU, to settle in Samsun, Turkey and to complete your registration and includes some useful information that will make your life easier.


Istanbul Airport

Welcome to Turkey and Istanbul. When you arrive at the airport, you must follow the gates designated for your Samsun flight from the routers and screens, and go to the Domestic Terminal. If you have time, you can take advantage of the airport’s facilities. However, if your time is short, it is useful to proceed to the gates as soon as possible as Istanbul Airport is a large facility. Also, if your flight is not connected, don’t forget to take your luggage!

Access to Esenler Bus Station

If you are going to Samsun with an intercity bus, you have more than one transportation option, but the easiest and most preferred ones are shuttle services and taxi.

Shuttle: You can go to the bus stops at the exit of the terminal and take the HAVAIST IST-3 line to Esenler Bus Station. Line IST-3 Fee: 16 TL (≈2 €) by 2020.

Taxi: If you wish, it is possible to reach by taxi, of course. Taxi fare by 2020 ≈100TL (may be a sensible alternative, especially if you are more than one passenger).

Samsun Çarsamba Airport

It serves in a single terminal building as a domestic and international terminal. There are kiosks, restaurants, cafes-bars, car rental offices and cash machines in the terminal.

Transportation from Airport to Samsun Destination

When you land at Samsun Çarşamba Airport, you will see two different gates (“domestic lines” or “international flights”) to enter the airport building. Please go to the correct exit gate according to your flight to collect your baggage. You will see the airport shuttles named “BAFAŞ” after you take your baggage and leave the door in front of the baggage claim. You can use this service regardless of the flight company you use. The shuttle normally leaves 30-45 minutes after landing time and costs 17 TL (about 2 Euros) by 2020.

Please provide the driver with the name of the residence or the address of your accommodation. The driver will drop you off at the nearest bus stop.

Taxi fares up to the campus cost approximately 150 TL. For BAFAŞ time schedules:  Click here.


Local Transportation

After receiving your student ID from SAMU, you can apply for a student discount card for the local travel ticket “SAMKART” used in all public transportation vehicles (trams and city buses) in Samsun. Public transportation in Samsun is quite comfortable, frequent and affordable. In addition, many public (“City Bus”) and private (“Public Bus”) buses accept cash.

Transportation to Canik Campus: SAMULAŞ provides service on the bus station-Meydan-Belediyeevleri-Samsun University route with the “T3” bus line.

In addition, Hasköy Minibuses Association provides service with a minibus line on the Free Zone (Behind Sheraton Hotel) – Governorship-Belediyeevleri-Hasköy-Samsun University route.


At our university, “Course Registration / Registration Renewal” is carried out within the framework of the registration conditions specified in our relevant regulations in each active (fall and spring semesters) period. Students must complete the “Course Registration / Registration Renewal” procedure in each academic semester after completing the final registration to our university.

Registration renewal processes at our university take place on the dates specified in the academic calendar for the relevant unit. Course registration is done through our University Student Information System

In course registration, course selection is carried out primarily by the student. However, it is important that the student is in contact with his / her academic advisor in course selection. Students who do not complete their course registration and are not finalized by the advisor are deemed unregistered for that semester and cannot benefit from student rights. Therefore, it is important to complete course registrations on time.

Documents Required for Registration

  1. Associate and original copy of high school diploma or certificate of graduation for candidates who settled in the undergraduate program and a high school diploma or graduation certificate showing that corresponds to the diplomas taken from Turkish high schools, Turkey Embassy or Consulate or from the Republic of Turkey in the country to be received from the Ministry of Education “Equivalency Certificate”,
  2. Original undergraduate diploma for candidates placed in graduate programs. The equivalence of the undergraduate diploma must be approved by the Higher Education Council. In addition, candidates must meet the other conditions stated in the announcement.
  3. Original transcript (Grade Status Document),
  4. The original exam result document (if any),
  5. Certificate of Turkish Proficiency Level (Language Certificate), (if any),
  6. Original passport and notarized photocopy translated into Turkish,
  7. Bank receipt showing that the tuition fee has been paid to the relevant bank,
  8. in a country from outside Turkey or the nearest Turkish foreign missions; receivables from the Provincial Police Headquarters of the candidates in Turkey, “Student Visa”,
  9. Foreign Nationals Identification Number,
  10. 2 photographs 4.5 cm x 6 cm in size taken within the last year,
  11. Letter of undertaking to make premium payment within the scope of General Health Insurance as per Law No. 6111
  12. Things to do for the final registration


Samsun offers various accommodation opportunities with a large number of private dormitories, hotels and rental flats for around 80-100 Euros. The easiest way to find a house is to do some research on the internet or knock on the door of a local real estate agency. If you have extra time, it is possible to find an apartment by walking around and searching for a rental apartment. When you rent an apartment through a real estate agency, you have to pay a monthly rent to the office as a commission. You should also consider paying a deposit, whether you are renting the flat directly or through the office. The deposit is approximately equal to one month’s rent. However, if you deliver the flat in good condition at the end of the lease, your deposit will be returned to you.

Student Visa and Residence Permit


Wishing to study in Turkey must have a valid passport for international students. Before traveling, you will need to obtain a student visa from a Turkish Embassy / Consulate in your home country. Please contact the nearest Turkish Embassy or Consulate in your country for the most up-to-date and detailed information, as visa rules may change very often. Obtaining a student visa in Turkey is not possible.

For detailed information about the visa, visit the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

Residence permit

You will need a residence permit to stay in Turkey. To get a residence permit, you must apply to the International Student Office next to the Student Office where you completed your registration.

Health and Insurance

All students must have a valid health insurance before applying for a residence permit. Therefore, we recommend that you obtain a health insurance policy before leaving your home country. However, you have the opportunity to acquire one from Turkey. In Turkey, “universal health insurance” can benefit from the guarantee. If you have “universal health insurance”, you can benefit from the services of private hospitals free of charge in all public hospitals and also by paying a reasonable fee.

To benefit from the General Health Insurance System in Turkey, you need to come to the Student Affairs Department and obtain the necessary documents. Then, together with the required documents, you need to go personally to Social Security Institution (SGK). When you complete your application, you must pay your annual general health insurance fee within 1 month from the Social Security registration date. You cannot benefit from public services of health insurance unless you apply it within the particular period (3 months).

However, you can use your international health insurance if you have or have private health insurance in Turkey the language of your insurance company. Please also bear in mind that Turkey is well-known for its high-quality doctors and health facilities with relatively low service prices.


Turkish cuisine is one of the most distinguished cuisines in the world. The variety of products offered by the Asian and Anatolian lands, the interaction with many different cultures in a long historical period. The new flavours developed in the Seljuk palace kitchens and Ottoman empires played a role in shaping the new character of our cuisine culture.

Turkish Cuisine, which consists of sauces, soups, cold dishes with olive oil, pastries and dishes made with wild herbs, has also produced a number of healthy dishes, generally prepared with cereals, various vegetables and some meats.

Although Turkish Cuisine is rich in variety and palate-friendly, it also includes examples that can be a source for healthy and balanced nutrition and vegetarian cuisine. There are some similarities with the ancient culinary culture of Anatolia, Mesopotamia, Central Asia, the Mediterranean and the Balkans.

For more information about traditional Turkish and Ottoman cuisine, please visit