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SAMU International Relations Office was established in 2020 with the mission of coordinating the activities related to the internationalisation of the university and improving the participation of the university in international collaboration activities such as; student and staff exchange, joint degree programmes, projects and etc. and raising the reputation of the university in the international area.

The aim of the office is to assure the effective participation of the university students and staff in these programmes and to create an international atmosphere on our campus by promoting studies at our university. We realise the importance, benefits and advantages of mobility and all other international collaboration activities and consequently we encourage our students and staff to benefit and take part in them as much as they can.

The main responsibilities of the International Relations Office include:

  • Coordination of the international relations of the university,
  • Establishment and maintenance of a network of partners,
  • Organization of stays abroad for outgoing and incoming students,
  • Organization of Erasmus+ staff mobility,
  • Administration of diverse EU programs to realize mobility activities,
  • Support for the degree programs in realizing various mobility activities.